As of 1th january 2014, our Minecraft servers are offline

Due to lack of players we decided to discontinue our current Minecraft-platform.

We are very sorry for this!

Update: 28 august 2016:
We are planning to re-open our servers, our Classic environment is back online and you can visit it usingĀ (just like it was!).

We will also re-enable our website soon!

Hope to see you back soon.

Update: 30 march 2015:
The admin team decided to discontinue the development of the new platform of iCrafted. Therefor we will not come back in any way, we hope that you will continue to play Minecraft on one of the other servers around or start your own Realm with the Minecraft Realms option.

It was a pleasure for the time we had a great environment on iCrafted and LionCraft but we are very sorry to see that its completely wasted after all.

With kind regards,
The iCrafted Admin team