New rules regarding PvP and other developments

Lionear • February 22, 2017 5

Due to the stuff which happened this week on our server we are forced to change the rules regarding Player vs. Player battles on the common grounds. It will also be stated on our rules page.

New rules regarding PvP

  • You may not attack an player with less then 10 hours of play time;
  • You are not allowed to teleport an player to you so you can butcher him/her or put the person in an killer machine;
  • An players base is off limit, unless you both agree to battle it on that ground. But PvP is disallowed by default in MyTown;
  • If you get attacked in the wild you may not teleport (use an teleport command) to your home, spawn or do an rage quit;

Thereby we will create arenas where you can battle against each other, so this way you can fight until death to settle things!

Other developments

Last month we mentioned that we where introducing upkeep for your claimed chunks with MyTown, this will change a bit so the upkeep is still not introduced to you players.

Mini-games and events

Some of our players asked us if we where going to introduce mini-games or even events and we are pleased to announce that we will do both in fact. As stated in the part about the PvP we will create arenas where you can battle against each other with different game types or just the normal way.

The first game type we will introduce is Splegg (= Spleef with Eggs)/Spleef.

We will create an additional world where we will make the arenas where PVP will be off by default and only be allowed in certain arenas. If needed you can ask an staff member to be an referee so you can assure its an fear game!


Since iCrafted is an fairly new server we don’t have that many staff members, although we would like to welcome raymondkrah officially as returning staff member from the previous iCrafted server. He can also access the FTB server if needed due to an crash etc. So he will also be monitoring the server.

Extra note Please keep in mind that our staff is ALWAYS on the right end of an decision of course you are welcome to appeal your punishment on our forum.

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I agree with the pvp rules but rule about the play time is a bit hard to enforce since a player can’t look up someone elses play time. It only shows when a player logs in but not everyone remembers it/notices it. Apart from that 10/10 – ign.

Rating :

Looks good. One thing not mentioned is punishments. If you attack a new player, will that result in a ban for one day? On your second offense, 3 days? I’m sure there may be other sites that have punishments that we can just copy/paste and flesh out ourselves. There are a lot of “what if…” we could argue all day.