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infinity+ additional mods

suggestion: will be good play with mekanizm, pneumatic and galacticraft+addons  on 1.7 realm

or may be change infinity to resonant rise 3 complete/unanbridged/ crackpack  - packs who include this mods




Sorry for my late reaction!

But I think this wouldn't be an good idea to do with our Infinity environment. Reason is plain simple;

The world is completely build by the configuration and mods delivered in the Infinity Evolved modpack, this can cause issues due to different worldgen etc. There by we are going to deploy other servers in the future.

Another reason is that we are not going to deploy any other 1.7.10 based mod anymore.

bad news, 1.7 still have best modpack's, so i will search another servers




Sorry to hear that of course and I won't disagree with you that 1.7 has the best (and most) modpacks.

But due to the low adoption of the newer packs most of the developers wont change their sources to be compatible with Minecraft 1.10 and above. Server wise the 1.10 servers are an relieve since they consume a lot less RAM and CPU.