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[Ranks] New ranks

I would like to suggest adding new ranks:

- Architect - helps the server in building various things, for example spawn or any other project that may be in the future, they can also suggest what to build to help out the server grow. Can cooprate with wizard/engineers to build something for the server event.

- Engineer - knows in and out of most if not all mods, can construct complex structures or automation.

- Wizard - knowledgable guy who knows his way around magic based mods, from botania to thaumcraft.


This for example was a challenge made by admin and helpers on the server I played before it closed down:

Thank you for the suggestion, we will take it in consideration!

Thereby I want to mention that we will introduce ranks besides Player soon, some of the ranks can be obtained trough the Coin Shop and some will be available trough an BuyCraft store.

But I think an sort of Architect/Builder rank should be there but just don't know in which way yet.