Monthly Award – February 2017

Government • February 28, 2017 3

Wow, another month went by! And our players and staff had a great time playing this month but we wanted to inform you guys about some statistics with linked monthly awards!

Since this is quite new feature within our website its currently only limited to the Votes, Playtime and Wealth the players had.

The top 3 of all lists have been awarded with an Gold, Silver or Bronze award, then will also receive something in-game to use!

Top 10 voters

#1   zephyr14z 77
#2   Lionear 60
#3   _Vos 60
#4   Icarus999 60
#5   raymondkrah 56
#6   OrangeVillager61 40
#7   Killer30556 27
#8   iMineGod 25
#9   Gyenamine 23
#10   LuCKyStrikeGames 18

Top 10 playtime

#1   iMineGod 6 days 04:21
#2   Lionear 3 days 23:05
#3   raymondkrah 3 days 19:20
#4   _Vos 3 days 17:40
#5   xVeNoMx 3 days 04:29
#6   Killer30556 2 days 06:06
#7   Gyenamine 2 days 02:33
#8   zephyr14z 2 days 02:19
#9   Lindkvistarna 2 days 01:45
#10   samuelnyqvist 1 days 23:31

We will generate this report again on March 31rd.

Kind Regards,

iCrafted Government
– The iCrafted Staff

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Few things;
1. Seems to be a tie in votes. How are rewards handled in that instance?
2. “…limited to the Votes, Playtime and Wealth the players had.” Where is wealth and how is this calculated?
3. I don’t believe there should be rewards for playtime unless there is a feature than can set a user to be AFK after maybe 2 minutes of inactivity. If AFK also counts towards playtime, then remove it completely.

Thanks and congratulations to everyone for their hard work and dedication!


The wealth is currently missing, since its an automated process. The reward is still to be determined (sorry!).

But I see that the votes are for 3 player identical indeed, will think of an solution for this month, also for the rewards ofcourse. Think it will be Lions at first only.

The playtime stated on the website is always excluding AFK time, the plugin handles that automaticly. So if you are on the server for 10 hours and AFK for 7 it will only register 3 hours of playtime. Perhaps I can add an Top 10 of AFK players also :-).


Top AFK players would be hilarious to see! Is there a way to force a player into AFK status from being inactive for a set amount of time?