iCrafted round-up June and July

Lionear • July 17, 2017 0

Hi all,

Its been a while but we are still alive and I want to give you all a small recap of the status of iCrafted at this moment!

The staff of iCrafted is slightly smaller than before since @trukozsi has quit due to personal reasons. Also other staff members are to busy to be online at our servers so we are down two people at the moment!

Currently we have 4 servers which we are maintaining. We had plans for another server with an 3rd party modpack called Ardent Craft but due to the lack of players and/or staff members we decided that this is not the right moment to put another server online. For those who where waiting for them, sorry!

But we do have the following servers:

  • Infinity Evolved – play.icrafted.nl – Updated to 2.7.1
  • Beyond – byd.icrafted.nl – Updated to 1.10.0
  • SkyFactory 3  – sf3.icrafted.nl – Updated to 3.0.13
  • Vanilla – vanilla.icrafted.nl (I bet you didn’t know this)

Update policy
As you can see we don’t have a strict update policy, which costs us players I suppose, but we will change this. When a update is available we will try it first on a test environment and then update the server itself. But please keep in mind that when we do this it is possible to loose stuff due to removal in the mods.

Spend your (voted) Loyalty Points!
You can get Loyalty Points by voting for iCrafted and I would like to ask you to vote for us! All those coins you save now can be spend on our website for in-game stuff to make your stay with us better!

The estimated launch date will be at the end of August 2017.

Special thanks to
I would like to thank raff96 for his contribution to the iCrafted community and server funds!

The server costs money and we do our best to keep it live and keep you happy. So we really appreciate donations that allows us to reduce the monthly costs of the infrastructure we have.
So if you really like our network please consider this. But as stated on other posts we don’t rely on the donations, it just helps us!

With kind regards,

~ Founder of iCrafted

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