New staff members

Lionear • May 31, 2017 0

We are excited to inform you all that we have two new staff members starting with the rank Jr.Mod.

They will moderate the servers we have (and perhaps we might announce later on).

The mods are Hansie0 and trukoszi

Small introduction by Hansie0

I’m Hansie0 or Hansie or Hans (just call me one of those) i’m 22 years old and a experianced minecraft player, been playing Minecraft since Beta 1.2 and played modded with Ultimate and all other flagship modpacks. i am very experienced with most of the mods (but most tech mods i know by heart) and if you wanna find out more about me just come on the server and we will talk 😉

Small introduction by trukoszi

“The best of the best, memelord, GTAOnline Player, Veteran of Minecraft, old enough to be your dad and overall humble. That’s pretty much me.”

So please welcome them both!

With kind regards,
The iCrafted Staff

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