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Lionear • April 24, 2017 2

Dear iCrafted community,

As of today, 24th of April 2017, we launched our new website which comes with great changes. Not only for our website but also for you as (a) player since we are going to change drastically in an good way if you ask me!

New server(s)
As some of you already may know is that we recently did an silence release of our SkyFactory 3 server which is available on While it was a must for me to have some sort of central chat we’ve created our own CrossChat plugin for Sponge and Bukkit/Spigot which uses an NodeJS server to communicate. As you can see it’s pretty fast with an < 3ms delay which is pretty good for these kind of solutions.

This will also mean that we will deploy more servers so we can gain growth in our community but we will need your help for that. We can’t do this on our own!

Voting for coins
Wait, what? No more Lions or shiny ingots? That’s true!

We will change the way for voting since we need to have this as an network wide solution. With this new currency you can exchange it for ingame items, Lions and even for ranks. This way we can ensure we have stuff for all of our players.

This is also the end of the Loyalty Points you get with the OnTime plugin since we will stop using that. The reason for this is that it’s only available for Bukkit and we need something else.

We will develop a network wide solution which captures how long you play on our network (login -> logout). You will also get kicked if are AFK for more than 10 minutes, this to preserve the slots available! You will receive 1 coin for each hour you are active.

What about the Loyalty points I earned?
Don’t worry about the already earned loyalty points, we will convert them to coins. But as you now get 10 points for each hour you play the ratio will be 2/10. This way our current players have an small bonus with the coins available.

But… There is one new condition. You need to register at our website to take advantage of the coins. It’s Simple, You don’t register and You won’t get any coins.

Our forum has also been changed slightly, we added subforums for Infinity Evolved  and SkyFactory 3. This way it’s easier for all of us to respond to issues and questions you might have.

Also here there is an small change regarding the reward you get, for creating an topic you will receive 2 coins and for each reply you will receive 1 coin.

Getting rewards for extra coins!
This is still in an early stage but we will create an mechanism that allows you to earn more coins to spend on our network. You can already vote for us which is important of course! But we will also give you the possibility to earn coins by leaving your honest review at various websites. On each website you can leave 1 review per week to earn it!

We hope to give you additional information soon about this!

PvP vs. PvE
Currently we do allow PvP on our Infinity Evolved server but this will change. By default all PvP will be disallowed and prevented so our players can build their stuff without issues. This also means that stealing resources from other players will be punishable throughout  our entire network. We will give you additional information about this when we know what we are going to do with it!

Work in progress
Since the changes we made are fairly big some of the above mentioned stuff are still under development. One of the things is the migration of the Loyalty Points to Coins which need to be made and ran every few times.

We hope you understand that we need some time due to fact that we do this as an personal project.

With kind regards,

The iCrafted Staff

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All I can say right now is, “Wow”
I am very impressed with the new look and I am glad to see things improving and evolving. I am saddened by the world reset though. I know that was out of your control, Lionear. There is only so much you can fix. I am doing a full playthrough of Kingdom Hearts right now but I’ll periodically jump on Sky Factory. I do check the forums about 3 times a day so I will at least continue to be very active in that manner.