The Great Fire

Lionear • February 27, 2017 3

Due to an Thaumcraft Elemental Fire we had to restore the most of the files of the World which where touched yesterday and today. This fire has the name The Great Fire of 2017 (credits to darkqueenie).

Used backup feb 26th 13:36 time of restore feb 27th 19:00 (both GMT+1)

What has been restored and what not:

  • World data (Partially, only the files touched on 26th and 27th of February 2017)
  • Chests (Partially)
  • User inventories (Saved)
  • Most AE networks (Saved)
  • RFTool Dimensions (Saved)
  • Nether/The End/The Last Millenium/The Deep Dark (Saved)

What happend and who did this?

Well at 03:00 (GMT+1) we had the first notification of our players that there was an Elemental Fire going on at our server, but as you guys might know that its night time in my country at that time. Besides of that we all have other obligations which are way more important then iCrafted is. But atleast 70% of the world was caught by this fire and changed to sand and sandstone instead of dirt and grass. Now we can discuss if this would be an issue but I think it is.

If you know who did it I really like to know it, the reason for this is:

The sooner we know that there are issues regarding the world due to an personal f*ck-up we can act on it. Its not an issue for us at all since we can try to contain it as much as possible and possible only restore parts of the world data. Also I will not get mad because of it, instead I think we should laugh about it and have even more fun after we restored that issue!

An small impression of the stuff what went wrong:

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Where’s all the Cake!? I almost wish we didn’t have to do a rollback in this instance. If there was a way to reverse it ourselves, it’d make a great community project! I could of also used all that cake to power my base. XD