Yet another month is over!

Lionear • May 1, 2017 0

Due to the changes we had the past month we didn’t post our monthly rewards, but we will do this in the future because we know how much an person plays on our server due to the fact that we record the online time of you in minutes.

But April was an month of many changes. We deployed our SkyFactory 3 server and we are currently testing our Beyond server. We had an world reset on our Infinty Evolved server last Friday due to the high amount of world corruption, sadly.

We also deployed our first version of the CrossChat plugin which we use to link all the Minecraft server chats to each other. Still an nice touch to the network if you ask me!

This month we will continue to finish up our network as we want it, we will deploy our Beyond server to the public and we will be deploying some extra functionalities so you guys can put reviews online for rewards. We will also change the parts for voting. Currently the Votifier is only working on our Infinity Evolved server and it gives you 3 Shiny ingots each vote, this will change to coins which you can use on our website.

But as we already said, without you guys there is no iCrafted so please comment on us if you have other ideas etc ! 🙂

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